Patented exhaust insulation system reduces fuel consumption and NOx emissions of Audi’s premium SUV.

Audi, the high-end car manufacturer based in Ingolstadt, uses ISOLITE’s new REF-ISO fibre skins to insulate the exhaust system of its Audi Q7 with 3.0-litre TDI engine. ISOLITE, the leading manufacturer of high-temperature insulating systems, offers a patented solution that protects surrounding components even more effectively against thermal radiation thanks to its special pigment coating. What’s more, the insulation ensures that turbochargers and catalytic converters reach their optimum operating temperature even faster. Measurements demonstrate just how effectively the new thermal insulation works. The Audi Q7 benefits from reduced fuel consumption and 15 percent lower NOx emissions. ISOLITE will be supplying a total of 150,000 REF-ISO insulating systems for the full Audi range. The company will also be exhibiting this and other product innovations at the IAA, at Stand C25 in Hall 8.0.

“Our REF-ISO fibre skin is the perfect solution for Audi’s specific technical requirements. It helps the Audi Q7 comply with the limits of the Euro 6 standard thanks to lower fuel consumption and greatly reduced NOx emissions,” explains Matthias Kroll, Managing Director of ISOLITE Automotive GmbH. “The fact that our long-standing partner Audi has opted to use our new product for its premium SUV demonstrates its trust in our core skills in the field of high-temperature insulation,” he adds.

The Audi Q7 requires optimised heat management because of the considerable distance between its turbocharger and SCR catalytic converter. Consequently, Audi has been equipping the oxi-cat diesel particle filter and SCR unit of its Q7 3.0 TDI with the new REF-ISO insulating skins since the beginning of 2011. ISOLITE varies the reflective and insulating properties of the skins, which are manufactured using hot-press moulding, through the targeted addition of colour pigments. The skins are heat resistant at temperatures of up to 1,000°C, and combine exceptional heat-insulating and sound-absorbing properties with excellent vibration resistance. On the one hand, the insulation lowers the surface temperature, which protects surrounding components against thermal radiation and makes them last longer. On the other, it increases the internal exhaust energy and quickly heats downstream units to their operating temperatures. In this way, the patented insulation masters the delicate balancing act between insulation, absorption and reflection.