New manufacturing and sales location for high-temperature insulation systems opened in Greenville (South Carolina).

Ludwigshafen, 8 June 2012 – At the start of May 2012, ISOLITE opened a site covering a total area of 1,000 square metres in the United States. The automotive supplier’s newly founded subsidiary ISOLITE Inc. in Greenville (South Carolina) produces insulation solutions used, for example, in vehicle exhaust systems. Within three years, the company plans to increase its initial production volume of 100,000 systems per year to more than 250,000.

“We founded the subsidiary ISOLITE Inc. and opened a new location in South Carolina with the express purpose of boosting our activities on the American market,” says Matthias Kroll, Managing Director of ISOLITE. “Proximity to our local customers enables closer cooperation and greater flexibility in production, so this factor played a crucial role in the site selection process.”

Having previously had to rely on cost-intensive logistics solutions, ISOLITE is now able to provide its customers in the automotive industry with direct on-site production and application services for high-temperature insulation solutions. State-of-the-art control and automation technology enables just-in-time production, which increases the transparency of the manufacturing process for customers and makes it possible to supply the required components as and when they are needed in production. As in the lead plant in Ludwigshafen, Germany, ISOLITE’s production facilities in the USA also meet recognised quality standards, such as TS16949 and ISO 9100.

At the same time, the office in Greenville also serves as a sales location for the three ISOLITE divisions – Automotive, Aviation, Industry –, thus improving access to new markets.