Following successful validation, the insulating skin ISOLITE XP originally used in the aviation sector has now found an application in automotive engineering. It enables more insulating material to be used while maintaining the same installation space. This opens up entirely new possibilities in thermal and acoustic insulation.

The new ISOLITE XP insulating skins expand by up to 30% the first time they are exposed to heat, without contracting again once they cool down. By automatically adapting to the surface structure, the skins provide better acoustic sound-absorbing properties and self-damping than conventional insulating materials.

The skins contain no carcinogenic ceramic fibres and thus comply with REACH regulations. Instead, they use a shot- and particle-free long fibre that ensures greater mechanical stability. As the material contains no vermiculites, the insulating fibres display improved stability during vibration and better tensile strength following elongation. It also reduces blowing of the insulating fibres in the event of damage to the outer liner (metallic exterior casing). Varying the composition of the completely biodegradable insulating skins means they can be used in different applications and adapted to a diverse range of areas and tasks.

Due to high demand, production of ISOLITE XP is already in full swing. The ISOLITE team is happy to provide further information and answer any questions.