An umbrella for high-temperature insulation

ISOLITE XP insulating technology is now available in a new version – ISOLITE XP Waterstop. The optional water-resistant coating (Waterstop technology) can be combined with any ISOLITE products and ensures a high level of protection against splashing. Minimal water absorption of less than 0.25% prevents salts and dirt particles permeating the insulating body. In addition, the coating reduces NOX, CO2 and other emissions. Waterstop technology from ISOLITE has been used successfully in acoustic insulating systems and associated perforation since 2010.

With its water-resistant coating, ISOLITE XP Waterstop has proven its worth in the aviation industry for many years now, and in the automotive industry since 2013. The expanding insulating shell with Waterstop technology and the “popcorn effect” is also finding new areas of usage in heavy-duty engines for commercial vehicles and off-highway applications, thus ensuring it can meet the rising global and cross-industry demand for pioneering insulating solutions in the future, too. With a recent order volume of five million euros, ISOLITE has decided to expand production capacities in the field of heavy-duty engines. Consequently, in May 2014, the company invested 3.5 million euros to convert an additional production line for the heavy-duty engine sector in its main plant in Ludwigshafen.

“Thanks to a peerless product combination of expanding and water-resistant insulating fibres, we are convinced our product will also become established successfully in the manufacture of heavy-duty engines,” says Matthias Kroll, Managing Director of ISOLITE GmbH, commenting on the premiere of ISOLITE XP Waterstop in the industrial sector.