ISOLITE is awarded initial contract for acoustic insulating material in the cold-end sector

The brand-new iTEX product family from ISOLITE GmbH essentially comprises all fibre products for thermal and acoustic absorption throughout the exhaust system. The product range consists of the standard insulating materials in the hot-end sector (e.g. REF-ISO and Waterstop) and also fibre products for thermoacoustic insulation in cold-end applications.

The chief architect of this newly created product area is Karl-Christian Regent, who oversaw the development and market launch of the new materials and played a key role in driving these processes forward. This newly acquired know-how has now resulted in a leading German exhaust system manufacturer placing an initial order for iTEX bags. The PP or PE bags filled with E-glass or ECR-glass fibres will be used by a German OEM for a large-scale production series. iTEX bags will serve as a thermoacoustic insulating material in the absorption chamber of a sound absorber in standard cars.

As well as familiar insulating systems such as bags, webbing, matting and 3D moulded parts, ISOLITE GmbH also offers totally new and innovative insulating solutions in the cold-end sector. iTEX-XP-Filling and iTEX-epack enable easier assembly and largely emission-free filling of exhaust manifolds. “Eliminating conventional PE and PP bags is a major benefit that will help our customers meet future requirements relating to increasingly stricter emissions standards,” says Matthias Kroll, Managing Director of ISOLITE GmbH, commenting on the new technologies.

The solution today that meets the needs of the future.