ISOLITE delivers the first complete acoustic package for a stationary gas turbine.

At the end of 2014, just half a year after the successful foundation of the Noise Control division, ISOLITE delivered the very first ISOLITE-NoiseCAP insulation system to provide acoustic encapsulation for a stationary gas turbine.

In the industrial sector, gas turbines are used primarily for energy generation and in cogeneration plants. This demands the very highest standards in thermal and acoustic design and extensive expertise in the development of customised sound insulation solutions.

Work to develop a complete package for a well-known gas turbine manufacturer began in May 2014 with the static and acoustic design, and extensive fluid mechanics calculations. Using this design as a foundation, it was then possible to proceed with the complete production of the assemblies in lengths of up to 18 metres. The subsequent delivery and installation on-site was carried out by ISOLITE, as was the final commissioning.

“By using an acoustic hood and insulation for the filter housing, we were able to implement extensive acoustic measures. The noise produced by the gas turbine (approx. 8 MW in total) was reduced by around 24 dB,” says Thomas Ulrich, head of the Noise Control division of ISOLITE GmbH, commenting on the first delivery of an ISOLITE-NoiseCAP insulation system.

The reward – following the very successful implementation of this project, ISOLITE has been awarded the contract for three further plants.