ISOLITE presents newly developed internal insulation for turbochargers

ISOLITE is focusing on the ever growing market for insulation and developing a special internal insulation system with sandwich design. Working with a leading turbocharger manufacturer, it has created a patented multi-component turbine housing that is insulated efficiently from inside by means of a concealed insulation system, the ISOLITE Turbo-Liner. Internal and external linings that enclose the actual insulation material optimize energy retention.

The key difference from conventional external insulation is that the ISOLITE Turbo-Liner enables exhaust gas treatment components to reach their required operating temperature faster without additional heating or energy. This cuts harmful emissions and ensures greater overall flexibility in selecting materials. The internal insulation solution is ideal for use in the even most confined of engine compartments, because no external insulation systems are required.

You can find further information and details on design development in the article in the latest, 5/2015 edition of Motortechnische Zeitschrift (MTZ) published by Springer Vieweg Verlag ( or at

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