Another addition to the iTEX product range

ISOLITE continues to grow and is continuously developing its products – including progressive insulation solutions. The new iTEX estop is an impressive cold-end insulation material that holds its shape, stays in position and is very easy to install. It is another product in the iTEX range that is made from textile glass fibers and is currently the only solution available that can homogeneously fill complex sound-absorber geometries – without organic binding agents.

The preexisting structure of the fibers enables very high dimensional stability supported by a colloidal, open-pore, inorganic (mineral) outer.
What’s more, iTEX estop is easy to process according to customer requirements. Thanks to the precisely defined external geometry and perfect-fit application, there are no complications from protruding fibers when welding together the casings of sound absorbers.

Why not see for yourself? We are always more than happy to offer help and advice for finding the perfect insulation solution for your specific needs.

You can also find more information about iTEX estop and its technical properties on our website: