Doris Barnett visits ISOLITE GmbH

On Wednesday, June 15, 2016, Bundestag deputy Doris Barnett from the Upper Rhineland region visited ISOLITE GmbH in Ludwigshafen. She was welcomed by Matthias Kroll, Managing Director, and André Straub, Head of Logistics and Deputy Head of Production, who also demonstrated a number of the products behind the company’s world-class success.

After an overview of the company’s history and a presentation of current projects, the program continued with a tour of the production facilities. “I am proud to see that we have a company here in Ludwigshafen that can rightly be considered a hidden champion,” said Barnett.

The components manufactured here are found in many different vehicles and help to reduce environmental impacts. “You have a problem – we have a solution” is the mindset that drives the highly enthusiastic team of experts to work with customers on its cutting-edge technologies, many of which ISOLITE has already patented. Thanks to its smart, strategic decisions, ISOLITE has become a market leader in several different industries. “I have heard that the local Palatinate dialect is still spoken at many international locations – staying true to our roots in this way is a very special but regrettably rare attribute for businesses from this region! It’s great to see that ISOLITE is one of the companies keeping up the tradition – perhaps that’s why it’s so successful!” said Barnett in closing.