• Expansion from 3,000 m² to 3,600 m²
  • 1.2 million euros invested in subsidiary
  • Installation of state-of-the-art clean production methods
  • Production of the complete iTEX cold-end line
  • South African branch to be added to ISOLITE network in future

Ludwigshafen, 30 September 2016 – ISOLITE is reacting to the increased global customer demand with the expansion of the site of its U.S. subsidiary MINILEIT Inc. in Greenville, South Carolina. In the additional area of 600 m², the Ludwigshafen insulation expert will also produce the complete iTEX product family for the cold-end application in exhaust systems, effective immediately. Thanks to state-of-the-art water jet cutters, MINILEIT works in an especially efficient and environmentally friendly way in this production and distribution location for the ISOLITE Group in North and Central America.

The cold-end area, the end of the exhaust gas system facing away from the engine, makes certain acoustic and thermal demands on insulation materials. As an international partner to numerous automotive manufacturers, ISOLITE introduces uniform quality standards worldwide in order to reliably maintain the high product quality for all customers at each international location. The expansion from 3,000 m² to 3,600 m² at Greenville, South Carolina, allows the subsidiary MINILEIT complements the existing fully-automated production line for the hot-end applications. This is where ISOLITE now manufactures the complete fibre-based iTEX cold-end product family consisting of iTEX bag, iTEX net, iTEX bcoustic, iTEX epack and the newest member, iTEX estop. The production lines for the insulation applications comply with extremely high quality standards. “Thanks to our well-targeted investment in the Greenville site, the location has the same machines and system types at its disposal as our main site in Ludwigshafen does. This allows us to achieve outstanding quality at the international level,” says Matthias Kroll from the management team of ISOLITE GmbH. “We will be able to implement new international customer projects even more flexibly and rapidly in future as the production parameters of other branches can be transferred one-to-one. For global players in particular, this offers high added value as it allows us to support them worldwide with locally produced insulation solutions.”

New technology for optimized work processes
One highlight of the plant, which has been expanded for 1.34 million US dollars (approx. 1.2 million euros), is the innovative water jet cutter, which is increasingly replacing the conventional punching method as a sustainable manufacturing technology. In this technique, a precisely directed high-pressure water jet cuts and separates various materials. In the case of fibrous insulation materials in particular, the technology improves the quality while reducing emissions in comparison with the corresponding traditional production processes. For example, the water jet cutter reduces the mechanical load on the material compared with other cutting methods. Also, it has no problems processing even materials which are difficult to punch and have various different coverings, and it provides clearly defined cut edges. By introducing moisture in a targeted way, the technique binds the fibre dust resulting from the breaking open of the fibres, making it particularly clean. In this way, dust particles no longer enter the environmental air of the production hall but are instead contained and properly disposed.

The network of sites is growing
ISOLITE constantly adapts structure and service portfolio of its worldwide network to the needs of its customers in a proactive way. A branch in South Africa is presently in an advanced phase of realization, and high-volume production of the iTEX cold-end application is already planned. “ISOLITE has always demonstrated extraordinary flexibility with regard to opening sites,” says Christian Eck from the management team of ISOLITE GmbH. “From the decision to establish a new branch to the first start of production, it usually just takes a few months.” In terms of quality, this site is equipped as well as the main plant is. As a result, ISOLITE with its wide-ranging team of experts from all fields is excellently positioned worldwide to realize customer-specific requirements according to the usual quality standards in the future too.