Nearly all silencers have internal insulation, but the methods of installation differ, as do the effects. The insulation expert ISOLITE has developed a precisely fitting form element with no organic binders based on an effect-textured endless E-Glass Corrosion Resistant (ECR) glass fibre. The material in the cold end vicinity of the exhaust system is a convincing solution, not only due to its acoustic properties, but also thanks to characteristics such as its high degree of environmental compatibility.

Advantages in use:

As a result of its relatively hard but nevertheless open-pored outer layer (outer casing), the form element displays inherent stability as well as inherent attenuation thanks to the fibrous core. These characteristics allow high flexibility in the installation of the form element. It can be temporarily deformed non-permanently, allowing it to be installed with minimum compression in the short term. By reverting to its original shape after the actual installation process, it fills out the space up to 100 %, even in demanding geometries where the intended density amounts to between 80 and 120 g/l. As ISOLITE has developed a solution that doesn’t need any organic additives, no unwanted emissions are released the first time it is heated.  Instead, the engineers used a specially developed inorganic binder that remains stable up to an application temperature of over 1000 °C.

In its solution with series capabilities, ISOLITE relies on an ECR glass fibre with an open structure. The state of the art is represented by an effect-textured endless fibre here. In the relevant production process, and starting from the roving spool, the endless filament is opened using a mechanical procedure. In this way, the fibre has a self-damping function, and later, in the insulation body, it works both as a porous and a resonant absorber.

The insulating body from ISOLITE combines its many advantages to form a solution which is currently unique in the market. A high degree of sound absorption, easy installation and a precise fit as well as environmental compatibility and positional stability are thus added to the reliable (up to 100 %) space filling of complex silencer geometries at a homogeneous fibre distribution. For these reasons, the Isolite solution also meets the relevant and internationally recognised standards of a German manufacturer of large series.

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