Innovation in the hot end sector through intelligent insulating systems

Every new emissions regulation presents car manufacturers and suppliers with major challenges. To reduce emissions, they are focusing increasingly on improving thermal management. Insulation specialist ISOLITE is developing both active and passive systems for this which support thermal management of the vehicles in all operating states. The optimized use of heat-resistant materials means that customized solutions can be created that ensure stability and durability alongside the necessary thermal and acoustic properties.

iTEX ECON is a passive insulating system based on a three-dimensional fiber form body with a reflective surface. The resultant reflection of the radiated heat along with groove-like cavities between the filler insulation and the metal coating ensure effective energy conservation. In addition, ISOLITE provides an active regulation of the thermal management in the insulation system which can either be used independently or integrated into the system. The specially developed heatpack has an innovative electronic control system that allows permanent monitoring of the exhaust gas and can thus forward real-time data to the system. If the temperature falls below the minimum working temperature, the system switches in and balances out the temperature difference in the shortest possible time. By conserving heat and consequently energy, both systems contribute to the continuous heating of the exhaust gas after-treatment components and considerably reduce the volume of emissions.

In addition to the solutions for the direct insulation of individual components in the exhaust train, ISOLITE has also developed a part-active, modular system, the scavenging air receiver, for the insulation of whole component groups. The design is based on two separate half-shells with a filler insulation in the middle. The halves are linked to each other as impermeably as possible by means of a specially developed connecting and locking element plus a high-temperature sealing system, thus helping to prevent leakage.

In order to continue meeting customer requirements, ISOLITE is not only working on the transferability of existing systems but also looking to the design of new solutions. Particular mention must be made of the latest trends and developments in the motor industry, especially electromobility, with all the demands this places on acoustic and thermal insulation systems.

You will more information in the article in the latest issue of Motortechnische Zeitschrift (MTZ) 2/2018 (pdf) published by Springer Professional Verlag (Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden GmbH).

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