On 20th November, the 118 best newly qualified apprentices of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Rhineland-Palatinate were honoured at the Salierhalle in Bad Dürkheim. They included Osman Mehmed (third from left), a former apprentice at ISOLITE GmbH. Mr. Mehmed completed his shortened apprenticeship as an Industrial Insulator as the best in class in the training year, for which he was presented with an award.
The apprenticeship as an Industrial Insulator is varied, interesting as well as challenging. In addition to the handling and use of metals and panels, the apprentices also learn how to fabricate pipe sheathing and coverings on the basis of technical design drawings.

“To be able to complete the apprenticeship as an Industrial Insulator as the best in class, the apprentice needs to acquire a high degree of knowledge. Mr. Mehmed showed how it’s done: with ambition, application and personal responsibility,” explained Islam Sukriji, Training Manager for Skilled Trades at ISOLITE GmbH.

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