In the third quarter of 2019, ISOLITE GmbH centralised fibre production at its existing site in Neustadt an der Weinstraße. The focus of production at the c. 17,000 m² facility is on the company’s own iTEX fibre and the associated fully automatic coating process.

ISOLITE has been fitting individual fibre shells since 1997. Initially, the product portfolio consisted of the conventional iTEX fibre shell (known as iTEX ST). These shells are produced in a special thermoforming process on the basis of a fibre mat, which gives them their distinctive geometry. ISOLITE invested a total of 12.5 million euros in this field over a period of around fifteen years, considerably expanding the iTEX fibre shell portfolio. Additives to the conventional iTEX shell adapt it to specific customer requirements. For example, the ‘lotus effect’ of iTEX WATERSTOP keeps the insulating body dry and its special coating prevents the ingress of salt, dirt and dust particles. Another product variation is the iTEX ECON. Integrated air cells reduce the thermal conductivity and thermal capacity of the geometrically modified fibre moulding, resulting in a lower surface temperature. This special technology shortens the heating phase and ensures the best possible thermal management for downstream components in secondary exhaust gas treatment. The new generation of ISOLITE iTEX fibre developed in-house offers a host of other advantages over conventional fibres alongside lower thermal conductivity and thermal capacity. Special binding agents and additives are added to the iTEX fibres in a fully automatic coating process and the fibres are prepared for further processing in the – similarly fully automated – thermoforming process.

“Investments over recent years and the resulting expansion of the product portfolio are paying dividends. ISOLITE is now established as a market leader and currently produces around 1.75 million fibre shells each month. Centralising fibre production in Neustadt offers ISOLITE great synergies. Development of the new generation of our iTEX fibre shells will also allow future cost savings of around 50%,” explains Matthias Kroll, Director of ISOLITE GmbH.

The remaining space at the Neustadt site means the option of further expansion for ISOLITE and Hitachi Chemical production in the coming years. Besides the major production facility, the site also has a large number of modern offices. A total staff of around 30 is to be employed in Neustadt in three-shift operation …

…and with a grandstand view of Hambach Castle.