On 26 and 27 September 2019, the 24th Supercharging Conference was held in Dresden. The two-day international event presented the latest technological inventions in the field of combustion engine charging were presented. Among the main topics of the conference were:

    • New supercharged diesel, gasoline and gas engines
    • New (electrical) charging concepts and charging components
    • Numeric simulation methods
    • Charging for the reduction of exhaust emissions
    • Overall system behaviour, regulation and control strategies
    • Development methods and tools for both components and full-scale engines

The range of engines included everything from car engines to two-stroke marine engines. In addition to the informative presentations, this conference gave companies an opportunity to present their own products, processes and inventions.
“Our participation in the conference was a complete success. Numerous renowned experts presented the latest trends in the field of combustion engine charging, thus giving fresh impetus to the industry. This conference served as the perfect forum for the exchange of knowledge”, said Vice President Sales & Marketing Christian Lott.


Photo: from left to right: M. Knoll (Vice President R&D), C. Lott (Vice President Sales & Marketing)