This year, ISOLITE celebrates the 10th anniversary of its successful brand development. At its headquarters in Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany, the milestones in the development of the ISOLITE brand are explained and illustrated on an illuminated presentation wall. In this way, visitors to the ISOLITE Technology Center (ITC for short) can gain a “look behind the scenes” and learn exactly what the individual components of the logo mean.

At the start of 2009, ISOLITE developed an integrated brand strategy. “G+H ISOLITE GmbH” became “ISOLITE GmbH”, and the red logo as well as the corporate design (short: CD) were changed on a step-by-step basis. The recognition value was maintained with the name “ISOLITE”. The new word-image-brand was reinforced with an independent symbol based on the “globe” that was designed especially for ISOLITE – which is now a unique selling point.

The new logo combines the core competencies of ISOLITE – the color of orange symbolizes heat, while the calotte-embossed surface represents the basic material of the company. The essence of the brand is further supported by the slogan “High Temperature Solutions”. In addition to the image, product and HR advertisements, independent key visuals were also designed for trade show concepts. To this day, the keyword “XP Popcorn” is sure to make people remember the highlight of the IAA 2013. The press reports were also enthusiastic.

In 2015, ISOLITE’s brand presentation was reconfigured in line with the times. The original industry colors of blue (automotive), grey (aviation) and green (power generation) are only used as secondary colors in the enhanced communication concept, and were replaced by corresponding symbols.

The change of shareholders in 2017 gave way to another change in the advertisement design. Ever since, the slogan “A Hitachi Group Company” has been added to the lower right area of the respective ad formats. By using the uniform display, ISOLITE expresses its affiliation with the Hitachi Group.

“One of the key tasks of marketing is to build up and maintain the enthusiasm for the ISOLITE brand at both the external and internal levels. We therefore attribute great importance to the fact that our employees identify with the ISOLITE brand. In terms of sustainability, ISOLITE is constantly evolving and always stays one step ahead of the curve. The objective of marketing is to further expand ISOLITE as an innovative and forward-looking brand in the coming years at both the domestic and international levels,” explained Gina Zimmermann, Manager of Marketing & Communication.