The exhaust emission standards Euro 6c and Euro 6d TEMP have been in force for passenger vehicles in the EU since September 2018. A new exhaust emission standard – named Euro 7 – is currently in preparation. This necessitates a continuous development and optimization of the thermal management in systems for the after-treatment of exhaust gases.

Especially cold-starting vehicles, but also start-stop operation causes significantly higher exhaust emissions if the temperature in the exhaust system is insufficient. In order to meet this challenge, ISOLITE developed a passive insulation system under the name iTEX ECON (Energy CONservation) and started to market this product as early as in mid-2017.

“It is based on a three-dimensional fiber form body with a radiation-reflecting surface which provides for efficient conservation of energy through its special coating and resulting reflection of heat”, explains Manuel Kühn, Manager Development.

The geometry and functionality of the insulation system iTEX ECON differs from its predecessors, but it is comparable in regard to its application. The product consists of a metallic outer lining and an insulating layer of fiber-based filler material. The integrated air pockets between the insulating layer of fiber-based filler material and the contact surface provide an additional energy conservation boost. Compared to standard insulation materials, air requires much less energy to heat up, which means that less energy is lost, especially in warming-up phases. Additionally, the cavities allow for little convection, meaning that almost the entire thermal energy remains in the insulated area. At present, the product is predominantly used in the engine-periphery such as in exhaust manifolds and turbo chargers. The validation of iTEX ECON, however, is not restricted to certain components; rather, it can be used in the entire exhaust gas system from high-temperature to low-temperature areas.

ISOLITE operates twelve sites in Europe, North America, South Africa, and Asia. Due to high demand, the product iTEX ECON is currently manufactured at all national and international sites.

“Those looking for an insulation system optimized for functionality that increases hot-gas temperatures, reduces surface temperature, and takes up less space in conventional systems will find iTEX ECON to be an excellent solution. Demand for this technology is exceedingly high and rising steadily, giving the growing market for turbo chargers and the ever-rising demands on thermal management. This is the reason why we will increase our production and our capacities on the Asian market as well, so that we will remain able to supply the all-encompassing global demand network in our customary reliable and optimized manner”, says Michael Knoll, Vice President Engineering / R&D.

The market launch of iTEX ECON was a resounding success for ISOLITE. The technology shortens the warming-up phases and offers optimized thermal management for the downstream aggregates in systems for the after-treatment of exhaust gases. Almost all projects in the engine periphery will be equipped with the unique ISOLITE technology in the future.


f. l. t. r.: Michael Knoll, Manuel Kühn