In January 2019, ISOLITE started work on its new plant in the Dutch city of Almere. Just eleven months later, the 10,000th completed insulated customer’s component rolled off the new fully automated production line.

At this plant, specially designed for turbochargers and manifolds, the greatest importance is attached to precision and cleanliness. Precision, because a particularly wide range of insulation techniques is utilized for turbo-manifolds. Due to special requirements regarding installation space, thermal management, and component strength, ISOLITE integral liners, ISOLITE blankets and ISOLITE single liners are added together to form an optimally matched thermoacoustic system. But, especially with systems close to the engine such as turbochargers and manifolds, one must not lose sight of one important aspect: technical cleanliness. For components with high-rev rotating turbines, a particle-free environment is absolutely indispensable. This is achieved by means of the partial blanket construction in which the fiber-insulated component is entirely sheathed, but above all by the universal suction component which is incorporated into the line in order to guarantee constant adherence to the strict requirements and customer guidelines.

ISOLITE – the future is automated