In the winter semester of 2020, ISOLITE will appear for the first time in the academic sector as a training company. The company, which has been active as a successful and recognized training company for many years, is offering an extra-occupational course of study together with DHBW Mannheim for the first time this year.

“Experience has shown that colleagues with a long company affiliation have developed excellently, especially in senior positions. This is why we are ensuring the future of our company by expanding our range of training opportunities,” says Bernd Henrich (VP Human Resources & Legal).

The DHBW’s dual Bachelor’s program in mechanical engineering lasts a total of 3 years and consists of alternating practical and theoretical parts each semester. The focus of the course is on production engineering and design, which is why the ISOLITE training is supervised by the engineering department.

Dominik Rabsteinek is our first part-time ISOLITE student and brings a lot of experience with him right from the start. The trained toolmaker has already worked in the automotive industry as a metallographer for weld-seams and material analysis. Most recently, Mr. Rabsteinek worked in the construction industry and was responsible for the optimization of quality processes.

“I have always been very interested in mechanics and physics. The goal of studying in this field was already defined during my apprenticeship. Due to my good performance, I was able to obtain the advanced technical college entrance qualification on the second educational path and I am very happy that I have found an innovative training partner in ISOLITE GmbH”, Mr. Rabsteinek responded when asked to explain his motivation.

We wish Dominik Rabsteinek all the best and will support him during his studies in the best possible way!