Management Address on the Grand Opening of the Plant in CZ.

“Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

November 28, 2023, became a very special day for the ISOLITE Group, as we celebrated the Grand Opening of our new production plant in Klášterec nad Ohří (CZ). The new production plant is not just a building, but a symbol of progress, innovation and constant aspiration for evolution and perfection.

The long way towards this impressive result was marked by hard work, commitment, and team spirit. It’s our vision to create a modern and efficient production environment, and it’s becoming real now. The cutting-edge equipment for the plant demonstrates not only our will to invest into technology, but our commitment for sustainability and ecological friendliness too.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for everyone who contributed to this success: our highly motivated employees, partners, suppliers, and everyone, who worked hard behind the scenes. You made our milestone, the Grand Opening today, possible with your determination, devotion, and passion. Of course we would like to thank our guardians Mr. Wagner and Mr. Schneider for their great job!

The opening of the new production facility is a big step ahead for ISOLITE and a promise for the future of the company and its’ ability to compete. We stand here ready to expand, to accelerate innovations and to contribute to the economy and community in a new land for ISOLITE, in Czech Republic.

May this new plant not only manufacture products, but generate ideas, cooperation, and success! Together we are creating a promising future of competence, passion, and success!

Be a step ahead with ISOLITE.”


Thank you very much and good luck!

Michael Knoll (CEO) & Dr. Stefan Brungs (Shareholder & CRO)


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