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New expansion for the ISOLITE Group

Groundbreaking ceremony for the new ISOLITE plant in Czech Republic on June 07, 2023 Klášterec nad Ohří – Following the ongoing global expansion of ISOLITE, the groundbreaking ceremony for the new advanced production site with its’ 12000 sqm for production and stock took place on June 07, 2023 in Czech Republic. This strategic expansion is…


Safety guarantee with tailor-made fire protection solutions for hybrid and electric vehicles – Firewall xEV

Electromobility is an important attribute of a modern urban environment. More and more people prefer a hybrid or electric vehicle for its environmental friendliness and efficiency. Among other reasons the constant-improving technology and the fact, that ever-greater ranges can be achieved are crucial. This is related to the optimization of capacity of the energy storage…


The heart beats ISOLITE – Welcome back!

In soccer it is called sensational winter transfers, at ISOLITE it is called a matter of the heart. We are happy that Mr. Florian Thiele and Mr. Benjamin Wagner are part of the ISOLITE family again. Mr. Thiele was already part of the ISOLITE team from 2014 to 2021. Initially, he took care of the…