We are delighted to welcome new working students and trainees to our team.

The first steps in the professional world are an exciting phase for young people, but at the same time an exciting challenge for ISOLITE. The fresh view of the company processes from the outside, the introduction of new creative ideas and the lively exchange are among the most beautiful impressions of this phase.

Last year, seven trainees started their journey at ISOLITE. Three of them are completing an traineeship as industrial clerks, two are being trained as industrial insulators, another is a warehouse clerk and one is a person in the field of IT. In addition, seven working students were recruited who are engaged in various departments, including purchasing, finance, sustainability reporting, human resources and maintenance. In addition we have won one person in the “Launch Management” department to cope with the expansion of our new plant in the Czech Republic and  tpo support our colleagues during this challenging project phase. The plant in Klášterec nad Ohří was officially opened in November 2023 and has already successfully passed the first customer audits for factory approval.

This year, two working students from the field of engineering have already been accepted into full-time positions. This emphasizes ISOLITE’s intention not only to remain a stopover, but also to promote its own talents in-house and to take over them in the long term. New employees play a decisive role for the future of ISOLITE and make a significant contribution to the success of the company.

We are also pleased to welcome the returnee Mrs. Jasmin Straub, who has been working in the human resources department again since the beginning of October after her two-year parental leave. Mrs. Straub has been an integral part of the ISOLITE team since 2015 and has gained valuable experience over the years, first as an assistant to the management and later as a personnel officer. Since October, Ms. Straub has taken over responsibility for the areas of time recording, wages and salary in the Human resources department.

“We would like to extend a warm welcome to all the new team members and  Mrs. Straub! We wish you every success and joy in your work for our company and look forward to the joint successes that we will achieve in the future,“ says Florian Thiele, COO Automotive and Commercial Vehicle at ISOLITE