The iTEX COMFORTline adds a product to the ISOLITE portfolio that provides thermo-acoustic insulation for systems near the engine and underbody applications.The visually attractive product family stands out because of its simple handling, media resistance and excellent acoustic absorption.

*) Depending on the requirements, further versions are also available.

Acoustically effective

Thermally effective




Radiant heat-reflective

isolite Cl schwarz


The practical covering in the iTEX COMFORTline. All sorts of nonwovens can be added to the basic materials. Depending on the function of the lining, the entire component
can be protected by their self-extinguishing and water- and oil-repellent properties. The textile nature of the material massively improves handling of the fiber filler.

isolite Cl braun

Mineral Wool

The basic material, in the form of a filler insulation, sets new standards for the system’s thermal and acoustic properties.
Depending on the application-specific conditions, there is a wide range of dimensionally stable options for focusing on thermal and acoustic insulation and protection against heat radiation.

isolite Cl gelb

Glass Wool

Using iTEX bcoustic and iTEX bcoustic GW, the system can be optimally matched to the requirements profile with a range of different fiber types, bulk densities and fiber sizes.



The rigid shell in the iTEX COMFORTline. Aluminum linings protect the component against all wide range of environmental
factors and, with their heat-reflective surface, can also help protect against heat radiation and save energy.