Groundbreaking ceremony for the new ISOLITE plant in Czech Republic on June 07, 2023

Klášterec nad Ohří – Following the ongoing global expansion of ISOLITE, the groundbreaking ceremony for the new advanced production site with its’ 12000 sqm for production and stock took place on June 07, 2023 in Czech Republic. This strategic expansion is an important milestone for ISOLITE, that provides more customer proximity, optimization of production processes and implementation of the future-oriented technologies. That will ensure sustainable competitiveness of the company.

The very unique location right at the German border only 400km away from the HQ  ISOLITE provides advantages for prompt sales of our products in the Central European markets. Ware flow is secured through introduction of the „Green Field“ approach. In addition efficient capacity utilization and maintenance of machines and tools are provided.

Vorschau des Werkes (Grafik)
Prospects. Plant
Update  29.06.2023

Finally, sustainability is very important for ISOLITE.  Our goal is to act ecologically responsible and to reduce significantly the environmental impact caused by our production process. Because of sustainable building concept and a very good BREEAM Certificate along with the energy efficient technologies of environmental care, responsible handling of resources and integration of renewables ISOLITE will succeed in minimization of its’ ecological footprint and contribute to the prevention of climate change. Heat generation in the whole building i.e., is from the beginning on provided by the heat recovery of ISOLITE heating presses.

Expanding in the present markets and development of new markets for our products along with enhancing of our global capacities will secure ISOLITE position as the leader in the industry of high temperature insulations. The investments into cutting-edge production technologies and focus on efficiency, best quality and profitability will help us to fulfill the increasing standards of the market.

“Our new production site in Czech Republic is a clear signal towards our long-term partners. ISOLITE will remain in future a strong, visionary, innovative and reliable player in the industry of High Temperature Insulations.  Not only for combustion engines but also for other possible drive technologies, as well as in the market for Industry and Aviation solutions” Dr. Stefan Brungs and Michael Knoll shared their vision.