• Acoustic absorption can be designed for a defined frequency range
  • Enables compliance with acoustic emission standards
  • Reduces fuel consumption


For a wide range of thermo-acoustic insulation solutions.

ISOLITE Akustop is a thermal high temperature insulation system with additional potential for acoustic insulation. The micro-perforated lining allows sound to penetrate into the fiber insulating body, thus effectively absorbing the noise. The micro-perforations are fully customizable and the insulation system can be made with two or more layers of high temperature fibers, providing an effective, versatile solution to the ever increasing demands in terms of acoustic performance.


Akustop technology

Using the latest patented ISOLITE manufacturing technologies, we can emboss or perforate the stainless steel liner with an extremely high degree of precision. By systematically varying different parameters, we can target the sound absorption specifically to a defined frequency range – and therefore to your own specific requirements. So ISOLITE Akustop is particularly effective in reducing high-frequency airborne noise – the main cause of the typically negative noise image of a diesel engine.

Compatible insulating materials


Thermal insulation and acoustic absorption at the highest level.


Less loss of energy thanks to water-resistant coating.