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ISOLITE Blanket is a three-layer insulation system in which the insulating body in the middle is encased in an outer and an inner lining. Because the system is closed on both sides it can be installed directly in your production line, enabling you to optimize your logistics. It is also easy to remove and refit for maintenance purposes. The accompanying mounting systems are designed to suit your specific requirements and comply with all technical and quality standards.

In situations in which the system won’t need to be removed or refitted, we recommend ISOLITE Integral Blanket for use in areas prone to splashing. The insulating body is closed on both sides to prevent penetration of water, salt or other substances that could impact on its durability and damage the insulation. So the benefits of thermal insulation can be guaranteed even in challenging ambient conditions.

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Compatible insulating materials


Thermal insulation and acoustic absorption at the highest level.


Expansion enables more insulation with the same installation space.