• Multi-purpose fire protection system
  • Fire resistant (> 1100°C) to ISO 2658
  • Lower noise emissions

ISOLITE Firewall

Fire-resistant and quiet..

ISOLITE Firewall is a multi-purpose fire protection system designed to protect structures designated as a fireproof bulkhead. With stepped welds between the individual components, homogeneous insulation can be achieved even with the most complex geometries. The additional chamber structure of the insulating body makes the ISOLITE Firewall exceptionally vibration-proof. So this insulation system, which can be removed and refitted, has endless potential for use in even the most challenging ambient conditions.

In addition to its main heat protection function in temperatures as high as 1100°C, it can also substantially reduce noise emissions from continuous flow machines.

Compatible insulating materials


Thermal insulation and acoustic absorption at the highest level.