Fire and heat protection for a wide range of applications.

Designed for medium and large engines (diesel or gas) as well as turbochargers and other continuous flow machines, ISOLITE HeatCAP helps you comply with complex international safety directives, exhaust standards, and noise level regulations such as SOLAS, IMO1, and TIER 4 final. ISOLITE HeatCAP can fully replace complex water-cooled exhaust systems, thus significantly reducing energy loss.

ISOLITE HeatCAP can be removed and refitted and is equally suitable for use in a new engine series or for retrofitting older engine models in the field. As a solution with customizable geometries, ISOLITE HeatCAP can be adapted to all your installation requirements and situations.

ISOLITE HeatCAP can also be combined with the product properties of our ISOLITE NoiseCAP system.



  • Cassette design for easy removal and refitting
  • Optimized thermal process parameters
  • Reduces energy loss
  • Can fully replace an engine water cooling system
  • Low surface temperatures
  • Easy to remove and refit
  • Adapts perfectly to engine geometry
  • Harmonizes with engine installation sequence
  • Unique concept that meets a wide range of safety and exhaust requirements