• Protection from hot gas carrying components
  • Excellent heat deflection
  • Highly vibration resistant
  • Easy to remove and refit
  • Encapsulation

ISOLITE Heatshield

The most cost-effective form of external insulation.

ISOLITE Heatshield is a multi-layer insulation system for protecting temperature-sensitive components located near hot gas carrying components. The prime objective is to secure the functioning and reliability of these components, such as connectors or hoses. Unlike our Integral Insulation, the insulation is not applied directly to the hot gas carrying component but to the component to be protected. The accompanying mounting systems are designed to suit your specific requirements and comply with all technical and quality standards.

Made of multiple layers of highly temperature resistant material and using the latest production techniques, this insulation enables even the most complicated geometries to be implemented. Heatshields are a tried and trusted solution in the automotive and aviation industries to protect against high temperatures and unwanted heat radiation.

Compatible insulating materials


Thermal insulation and acoustic absorption at the highest level.