• Integral insulation system
  • Makes optimum use of the available installation space
  • Retains heat for compliance with emission regulations
  • Easy to supply and fit directly on the OEM production line

ISOLITE Integral-Liner

Forming a strong unit with your component.

The ISOLITE Integral Liner is an integral insulation system. Consisting of an insulating body encased in a metallic outer lining, it combines with your component – including hot gas carrying components – to form a solid unit. Besides reducing the surface temperature, this product retains heat and therefore increases the temperature of the exhaust gas, leading to a significant reduction in hazardous emissions.

Combined with 3D insulation shells, the ISOLITE Integral Liner is a popular insulation solution for both thermal and acoustic use. Besides our many decades of experience in supplying major OEMs in the automotive industry, Tier 1 suppliers in the exhaust sector and turbocharger manufacturers also value and recommend our ISOLITE Integral Liner.

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Thermische Isolierung und akustische Absorption auf höchstem Niveau.


Surface protection and heat retention through reflection.


Expansion enables more insulation with the same installation space.


Less loss of energy thanks to water-resistant coating.