The “Day one” Event marks a new milestone in the Headquarters of the ISOLITE Group in Ludwigshafen. It was Tuesday, September 20, 2022, as changes in the partnership deal were introduced and respective contract closing statements signed by representatives of both: previous and new partners Showa Denko and CERTINA Group. This is how CERTINA Group became a new owner to ISOLITE GmbH.

Founded, established and represented by the outstanding businessman Dr. Hans Wehrmann, CERTINA remains a family equity investor and industry holding. Looking back to more than 25 years of investing, CERTINA completed over 65 successful transactions in different industries. The Group comprises 20 companies representing five different sectors employing more than 3000 people and generates sales of over 750 million Euro. Since its foundation the Company’s investment policy has always been following the principles of sustainability, consistency and entrepreneurial responsibility. CERTINA creates values for employees and society over the long term. Several enterprises have been a part of the CERTINA portfolio for more than 20 years.

This approach will remain stable after the ISOLITE acquisition too: Guided by clear vision, strategy and mission CERTINA will lead ISOLITE towards a stable and sustainable future of healthy economic growth.

From now on Managing Partners Dr. Stefan Brungs and Mr. Michael Knoll will lead ISOLITE together in order to achieve the defined goals and transformation.

Dr. Stefan Brungs has been Managing Partner responsible for the automotive sector of CERTINA Group since 2019. His work experience includes 6 years in strategy and restructuring processes in the Boston Consulting Group and 23 years of corporate development in the Volkswagen Group, where he was Managing Director and Member of the Executive Board of BENTLEY and BUGATTI. In his person ISOLITE gets an excellent gain of experience and competence.

Mr. Michael Knoll has been global development leader and authorized representative by ISOLITE for many years. His strong long-term connection with the company and profound know-how in both technical and operational domains make him a visionary and important managing partner.

The “Day One” Event is significant for our company with deep roots and more than 100 years of history not only as a new start, but also because we are completing a chapter in the history of ISOLITE. The time spent as a part of Hitachi Chemicals and Showa Denko (2017-2022) during the last couple of years was shaped by the effects of the pandemic, the chip crisis and, finally, the war in Ukraine. It was a hard time, as we not only celebrated our success story, but had to overcome certain challenges. ISOLITE would like to express gratitude to the previous management and individually to Mr. Satoshi Tsukahara (CEO), Mr. Yuji Matsuo (CFO), Mr. Yasutomo Jimbow (COO) und Mr. Masatoshi Mori (CSO) for their commitment and exceptional support.


And a message to our appreciated business partners:

“We are happy to start this new chapter of the ISOLITE company history together with you and looking forward to creating a new and agile success story. We will surely do our best and are happy to invite you to become a part of this success progress.”

A new chapter is about to begin! Be a step ahead with ISOLITE!